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order ppsr guide

The EDX published "Guide to registration" is specifically written for businesses which sell goods subject to a retention of title or Romalpa clause.
The Guide gives an overview of PPSR and a project plan which clearly sets out all steps necessary to enable you to prepare for registration. You will be able to manage the project in a way that suits you - without incurring substantial consultancy or project management fees. The cost is $250 plus GST which is fully rebated against registration fees when you provide us with your data for registration.
Please complete the order form below. We will mail you a copy of the Guide to Registration together with a pre-formatted spreadsheet to enable you to enter all required information for registration.
Note: When you use EDX's online service to upload your registrations to PPSR there is an additional transaction fee of $5.00 plus GST and PPSR levies (currently $3.00) per financing statement.

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