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An important part of our role is to provide New Zealand and overseas businesses with information about PPSA and how to register on PPSR. The Ministry of Economic Development (MED) also has some extremely useful information on its site:

Instead of covering the same ground as MED we will publish articles and booklets of specific interest and aim to provide in depth comment. The EDX resource library will build over time and we encourage you to visit us from time to time to get the latest news.

There is no charge for these articles - sharing knowledge is part of our commitment to business.

The articles currently available from EDX are:

Benefits of registration on PPSR. If you have used PPSA to maximum advantage you may achieve a "super priority" in an insolvency and get a great result. If you have not registered on PPSR, you may lose everything. This booklet gives an in depth explanation of the priority rules and some other "hidden" benefits of registration. This booklet is mainly written for businesses which supply goods subject to a retention of title or Romalpa clause, but will be of general interest to other businesses. < download booklet >

How PPSA cuts across your property rights. If you own an asset that is in the possession of an insolvent company - the receiver or liquidator can't keep it - right? All too often - wrong! There are many instances where you will lose all rights in the goods you own. If you provide goods on hire purchase, rent or lease assets, sell on consignment or sell with a retention of title clause - this article is essential reading < download article >

Review of New Zealand Court decisions. There has been surprisingly little litigation over the past 4 years. Is this due to a strong economy and few bad debts or are people hanging back because they do not want to be named in the precedent setting case? There are some useful decisions that shed light on how the Courts are likely to interpret PPSA. We review some of the leading cases in a "plain English" way to help non lawyers understand what is going on < download review >